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Deranged – Wicked Pictures – Director – Seth Gamble – Cast – Kenzie Taylor, Jane Wilde, Maddy May, Lilly Larimar, Codey Steele, Mick Blue, Derrick Pierce and Tommy Pistol

***** 5 stars

Make no mistake this is a total 3D movie, in this case meaning dark, diabolical and disturbing. It is a crime thriller that will have you breathing hard, make you shiver, grabbing the edge of your seat, or your partner and pierce your brainwaves like a rim shot. The writing from Seth Gamble is crisp, believable and powerful and threatens the senses.  Aside from writing Gamble’s feature film directing debut has a lot of film noir qualities with great pacing to draw you into the story and the various character and set shadings. It is all tied together with some deft, inventive and creative cinematography helmed by James Avalon bringing out some incredible images throughout. With Axel Braun as the producer of this stylized gem you know that every little detail will be taken care of in this epic production. As for the cast, Kenzie Taylor is at her diabolical best in a role that has several layers to her character. Once again, Tommy Pistol proves he is the best actor in adult today, with another off the chain role that will make you squirm and get chills of fear. The supporting cast is exceptional in their roles, big and small, with Lily Larimar in a menacing performance that will elevate her status in adult films. The four sex scenes blend in well within the storyline and like the film itself, aside from being very sexual, they are powerful, hard hitting and intense. When the new awards season begins in October 2022, you can be sure this film will be up for a number of nominations and wins for its overall excellence.

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Now, with all that said what about the movie itself? The film’s story centers around Dr. Charlotte “Charlie” Hayes (Kenzie Taylor), a criminal psychologist and a serial killer Joseph Curwen (Tommy Pistol). On the one side we have the doctor, who is brilliant in her profession, but not all that she seems. She has a hidden agenda about her that we get to see come out as her hatred for past wrongs to her come alive. Then there is the killer Curwen, who is now behind bars after a lengthy court battle, but he also has some hidden secrets as well. Right from the start when we see and hear Curwen describing his killings like that of Maddy May right after she had sex, you know this will be a very dark look. As the doctor watches the video and words from Curwen about his rampage she is ready to deal with him and it will become a battle of wits between these two as the manipulations begin to take place. There are lies, deceit, sex, twist and turns that are faced in this gritty film. While these two characters play a very dangerous cat and mouse game, there are others who get pulled into this drama by the doctor and wind up paying a price. There is the warden (Derrick Pierce) who is swayed by her charms but wants it over. But the good doctor tells him it will only be over when she says it is. She will stop at nothing no matter what, or who, it involves to get to the whole truth with Curwen, her number one nemesis, as we see when she finally has a session with him and it doesn’t end well for Curwen. But there is even more in this game of human chess particularly in the final scene with Jane Wilde, Lily and Mick Blue. Just like a good book that you can’t put down until you finish it, this film is one that will have the same effect. The twists, turns and surprises will keep you in place right to the very end of this masterful release.

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It isn’t very often that a film with this scope and depth comes along in adult but it certainly has here. Everyone, cast, crew, director, writer and producer should be applauded for an engrossing, mainstream like thriller that hits the bulls eye at every turn. If there is a film, especially for those who love gritty crime themes, to make sure you see, then “Deranged” is the one to pick up. It is explosive, hard hitting five star adult entertainment.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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