Presenting: ExploitedCollegeGirls Aurora – I’m Seriously Dick-matized or Something

Exploited College Girls Aurora I’m Seriously Dick-matized or Something

ExploitedCollegeGirls Aurora I’m Seriously Dick-matized or Something

New update from ExploitedCollegeGirls is Aurora in I’m Seriously Dick-matized or Something.

I’m Seriously Dick-matized or Something
Age: 21
Height: 5’5″
Measurements: 33A x 27 x 38
Favorite Position: Doggy
Likes: Rough Sex, Hair Pulling, Rollerblading, Journaling, Meditation, Spirituality
Runtime: 01:34:34 | 119 Photos

“I’ve fucked a few questionable men in the past and I’ve just felt – well . . . UNDERwhelmed,” is how 21-year-old health care student / worker Aurora explained is one of the reasons she found her way onto the ExCoGi bed today. She went on to clarify that she’s been having sex with ummmmmmm “questionable” men and she’s just be thinking, ‘I’ve just been soooooo underwhelmed right now,’ as I can image these losers pumping their smaller than averaged puny penises in and out of her vagina. And the thought was that if she’s just so “underwhelmed,” well then she might as well get paid for it. Well we can help fill both those voids today and fill your holes with larger than average cock and great OVERwhelming sex along with helping with those tuition fees since Aurora’s training to be in the medical field and just started college. She also thought that my buddy Rick over at would help with those mounting bills as she let Cam mount that tight little asshole of hers, but as with all of Rick’s castings, all that Aurora received was a good birthday sex ass fucking and was sent on her way. She does have a nice ass and you can see her ass-pounding casting titled, ‘Buttstuff with the Birthday Girl’ and watch as they use her ass as a candleholder in celebration of her becoming of legal drinking age. Glad we could make your 21st birthday so memorable and don’t forget to make a wish before blowing. But lets focus on today’s festivities and as we do the usual chitchat, get- to-know our newbie, we find out that Aurora is unsure what type of sex she likes and you can tell she’s nervous today. Let me clarify, she’s anxious, excited, giddy and supper horny for what she hopes is mind blowing sex filled with a record breaking amount of orgasms during some rough sex which she says she likes. Careful what you ask for because you just might get it and yes there were 6 O’s today and even though she claimed to of only came 3 times, all participants were obviously cum drunk because I counted 6. And that was a personal best for this doctor in training who let Tyler train her ass for her first ever Butt Plugs as well. Love your adventurous spirit Aurora and she even confessed after her shower at (1:32:13) that she’s literally Dick-matized the sex was so good today. The bar’s been set pretty high for all you guys out there and we’re just glad we could fulfill your hopes and holes. So enjoy Aurora everyone. Steve

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