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Exploited College Girls Stormy Painal - I Did More Than Try

ExploitedCollegeGirls Stormy Painal – I Did More Than Try

New update from ExploitedCollegeGirls is Stormy in Painal – I Did More Than Try.

Painal – I Did More Than Try
Runtime: 01:19:41 | 105 Photos

So I’ll admit that after I watched Stormy’s submission video were she describes herself and says she fantasizes about being a dominatrix, this did put some preconceived notions of her into my head because she appeared to be very outgoing and assertive in her video. So you can guess my pleasant surprise when she got here and she revealed herself to be a total nervous, submissive and I just knew that Tyler was going to take full advantage of her, as well as her asshole, and tear-it-up today. You see Stormy’s only done Anal two other times she told us during her interview and it was painfully obvious she was super nervous about doing anal today. Nervous because she was a little intoxicated the first time she tried it, it wasn’t with us everybody, and the other time was over on Rick’s infamous black couch at entitled, “The Backdoor Ballerina.” Well she’s about to be spun around like a little ballerina today and painals for sure front row and center of this show, and it’s true what they say. Great stories always begin with submissive and shy ballerina-bodied types who are willing to try anal with complete and utter strangers, and today’s no different. So, “do you like a little pain or what do you think?,” asked Tyler Nixon at (33:17) of our submissive Stormy. “Yea, yea I do,” she replied with a smile and nervous giggle as Tyler probed her asshole with his finger before penetrating her inexperienced butthole. “It feels like you’re going to rip my asshole open,” was the next statement Stormy declared at (34:46) as he eased his stiff cock up it. “Are you liking it now?,” asked Tyler at (38:57) and Stormy replied yea because she had already had 3 orgasms of the record breaking 6 today and was definitely in the thralls of Pain as Tyler pumped in and out of her tight little asshole and I think she was even beginning to like it. It was about this time that Tyler took the opportunity at (40:34) to do the first of many Ass to Pussy, back to Ass moves and the full out assault on her orifices was underway. Slapping? Yep, that and the rough sex was already at play happening at (25:28, 28:52, 32:11 as well as for the rest of the scene). Ass to Mouth happened at (43:11) just to give this sexy girl a break from her painal experience and Tyler preceded to face fuck her and force feed his ass tasting cock down her throat before slapping that submissive face. She did say she fantasizes about be dominated everyone, and how thoughtful and gentlemanly of you Tyler, and who says chivalry is dead. Painal, the theme of today’s scene and her painal face was more present towards the end of it at (1:11:31, 1:17:06 & 1:20:29) when she outright begs Tyler to finish in her tight little butthole for her first ever Anal Creampie that she happily licks clean off his cock. Yummy, and didn’t I say all great stories begin the way this one did? So enjoy the ride and until next weeks update, tootles. Steve

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