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Hot MILFs Fuck Abby Anal - Good Times, Craving It

HotMILFsFuck Abby Anal – Good Times, Craving It

New update from HotMILFsFuck is Abby in Anal – Good Times, Craving It.

Anal – Good Times, Craving It
Age: 31
Height: 5’6″
Measurements: 34B x 30 x 40
Favorite Position: Cowgirl
Likes: The Ocean, Animals, Travel, Food
Runtime: 01:11:55 | 82 Photos

“I almost tapped out in the end,” was what hot Milf Abby confessed in the shower during her post shoot confessional because what an anal pounding this girl took. Wow! And I can see why Abby’s at a loss for words after Codey Steele absolutely annihilated her butthole for what I believe is the hardest ass pounding on HMF to date. Perverted Anal lovers who get off on newbies who do their first Ass to Mouth which happened at (35:44) and then again at (56:42) can rejoice because she also liked it so much she had her 1st ever Analgasm today. She said she was being choked at the time so she couldn’t vocalize it and I certainly couldn’t find when it was, but she claims to of had one and I believe her. All I can say is I’m impressed because Abby looks like the unassuming schoolteacher that enjoys knitting and movies like The Notebook but thankfully she’s not because she vocalized the desire to be slapped around and treated rougher than her first sex on camera here at HMF entitled: “Surprise. I Like It A Little Rough.” And you weren’t kidding. Now the roughness didn’t start until later on in the scene and Codey had all sorts of fun shoving butt plugs and dildos up Abby’s asshole including the pink Double Headed Dildo at (16:10) and he even surprised me at how aggressively he kept ramming it up her asshole as she begged him to shove it deeper. This is also the time when we get a glimpse of Abby’s butthole slightly gaped and I think it’s so hot when a girl that doesn’t look like she should be doing porn does it and does it so fucking well with an enthusiasm to let strangers violate her asshole. She’s an unassuming sleeper and surprised us all because she took the ass probing for over 4 fucking minutes and if it was me doing the dildo ramming I don’t think I could have stopped without shoving my cock down her throat it was so hot. Well that’s what happened next and can you say eye contact? Abby understands the importance of it and even says, “please fuck my ass with your hard cock” in between tender licks to his stiff cock and shwing alert!!! Because the roughness starts at (27:10) with a few innocent face slaps and progressively gets more intense with chocking as the pumping ensues. Kinky, and it’s obvious Abby doesn’t get this type of “Bonus Package” as regularly as she’d like it. So after Codey DP’s her with a glass toy up her ass he removes the butt plug at (29:53) and gazes upon that oh so unused looking and inviting butthole before he penetrates her nether region and Hey Mikey!!! I think she likes it and even said that she really enjoyed getting DP’d with the Double Headed Dildo at (34:04) before spinning around and tasting her own ass for her first ever Ass To Mouth at (35:43). Yummy and the fun didn’t end there because Codey Spun her around and fucked the shit out of her Asshole some more in doggy. It was also about this time that little miss Painal face showed herself and if you blinked you’d miss her eyes rolling back into her head at (39:24) which was just the ember to how fucking hot the anal sex today was. Oh and if you’re one of the perverted sicko fucks that likes authentic bodily asshole secretions during their anal videos then you’ll like the Picture In Picture offset shot at (42:38) as she looks back in the perfect combination of pleasure and pain as Codey’s stiff cock pumps in and out of her tight sphincter as mixed fluids drip down her outer lips and collect on her pussy hairs, and she whispers! “Oh my, you fuck my ass so good” at (43:04) and this beautiful and romantic moment was then immediately followed by another tender Ass To Mouth at (44:02) that lead into Face Fucking and then to the mother of all ass pounding positions Jockey position were Abby showed us all what she’s really made of, and damn girl!!! I hope you can sit down on the plane ride home after an ass pounding like that and once again she hopped eagerly off Codey’s cock to goggle and lick it clean at (56:42) before one last analing and the finale of her facial reward that she almost never does. Again don’t blink or you’ll miss her feet twitching as cum splatters over her innocent looking face at (1:00:53) and she’s the definition of submissive. We also find out that this was only her second facial ever and her first was the day before during her debut BG scene here which she conveniently failed to mention, and yes I’ve gone back to update the tags for that scene. Silly Abby, and so once again if you made it to the end of this long write up I thank you and you’re a fucking legend. So cheers, Steve
P.S. Anal Gape at (1:06:22)

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