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Influence: Emily Willis – Vixen – Director – Kayden Kross – Cast – Emily Willis, Kayden Kross, Mick Blue, Dante Colle, Anton Harden, Rob Piper, Isiah Maxwell, Tee Reel, Manuel Ferrara and Jesse

***** 5 Stars

Every once in awhile there is a girl that comes along and takes the industry by storm with her performances, award nominations and wins. Back in the day it was Jenna Jameson. More recently it was Angela White, then Maitland Ward and now it is the incredibly talented Emily Willis. This Argentinean beauty has burst on the scene the past couple of years with tons of sizzling scenes, awards, nominations and critical acclaim. She continues to raise the bar and show she is more than capable of handling anything that comes her way. Now she stars in this latest Vixen epic which is billed as a Kayden Kross Showcase Special and is it ever! This takes Emily above and beyond anything she has ever done since she entered the business. This production has already netted nine award nominations from AVN and another eight from XBIZ. Needless to say this is a DVD that belongs on everyone’s “must have” list.

Believe it or not this is a comedy that is narrated with some witty dialogue and performances. Emily is a wealthy debutante living in her stepmother’s mansion. The stepmother is well played by Jesse (the former Jesse Jane). Stepmommy tosses her out so now Emily is on her own and what to do? Work?  A real job? She gives in and sells vacuums and one customer is Kayden Kross who has a rather kinky house, a butler and a manager. But as Emily tries to do her sales pitch other things begin to happen and before you know it these two are into a girl/girl scene that will make your draw drop. Ever seen someone try to deep throat a foot? You will here, as these two ladies let it all hang out and really go for the gusto in an incredible scene. After it is over Kayden, now aware of Emily’s sexuality, decides to become her mentor. That leads her into the next scene with Mick Blue and Dante Colle and this threeway which goes on for a good thirty minutes plus is totally off the chain. Emily has no stop button and just craves more and more in every way possible, oral, anal, DP and whatever brings pleasure and this threesome does all that and more. You may need a cigarette after this one. After this foray that leads to another comedic scene with good ol’ stepmommy busy watching TV and gobbling down popcorn. Emily finally tells her she will but her out one day and leaves.

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Now with Kayden as her mentor she starts doing her thing on the internet and it becomes a very lucrative move. Now she is up on a rooftop pool setting when Manuel Ferrara comes by and wants her to join his group of girls, but she has other ideas and before he knows it Manuel is into a rousing, no holes barred, very intense romp with Emily. By now Emily is making it big and under Kayden’s direction enjoying everything coming her way. Then we have Emily sitting in on an audition process as Kayden is looking for black talent for a new production. Rob Pip[er stands in front of them and when Kayden asks to see his cock he drops his shorts and the ladies eyes pop wide open. Emily can’t stand it and jumps up runs to Rob jumps on him and they leave the room. The reaction and look on Kayden’s face is priceless. As they leave the room Emily sees thre other black dudes who were waiting to audition and she decides she wants them all and one hell of an orgy begins in the next room. Anew face, and cock, to porn, Anton Harden is in this group and he is one very, very big and long young man. This orgy with Emily and the four guys is totally out there and very high octane, anything goes as Emily services these guys in expert and hungry fashion and takes them all in every opening with pure delight, lust, desire and sexual hunger. It all ends after some heavy pounding and sucking with Emily getting cream baths from the guys and loving every juicy bit of it. Then we come to the final scene as Emily returns to the mansion ready to move in as stepmommy has been tossed out, proving that it does pay to be a slut!

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There you have it, a high powered, lush production with an outstanding tour de force by Ms. Willis and a more the up to the challenge supporting cast. By the way you will see some familiar faces in non sex cameos here and there. The cinematography in this production was exceptional allowing for visuals that are unbeatable. The narration, settings and music all fit the premise. Everything about this production is award worthy and in another couple of weeks we will find out just how many awards this DVD will win. In the meantime, be sure you get out and pick up a copy of this “must have” release. You are in for one of the biggest treats of the new year with “Influence: Emily Willis” from Vixen.

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