Presenting:’s 8th Annual Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Prevention has Begun

LOS ANGELES (October 3, 2022) – October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and James Deen is once again raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation via his personal website. This year, will be donating 50% off all web profits to the charity that has been a champion of breast cancer prevention since 1991.

Breast cancer is a disease that affects both men and women. In America, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.

Deen says, “I started doing this many years ago. I have numerous friends, family members, and people in my life who have suffered from different types of cancer. Each year I do this I get asked if I have friends who suffer from breast cancer, and I deal with the bullshit cliche of a porn star trying to “save the boobies”, which is very frustrating and counterproductive to the concept. Yes, I do have friends I have lost to breast cancer, but that shouldn’t matter here. This isn’t about how a disease affects us personally; it is recognizing that cancer is a huge issue in our world… A cancer in fact, and doing anything we can to make an impact. To be honest, this isn’t specifically about breast cancer. This is a larger issue I have with cancer in general and I am merely using breast cancer as the opportunity to do whatever I can since “save the boobies” does in fact get clicks. Fighting against ALL cancer is something I care about and every year I want to give as much money as I can afford to the cause. Also, I miss you Samara and I love you.”

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To make a donation, simply join or donate directly at

For more information, visit

About James Deen:

James Deen is an established adult performer whose boy-next-door charm and relatable personality brought him immense popularity from diverse audiences around the world. In 2004 at the young age of just 18, Deen began his career in the adult industry. Deen became the youngest male to ever win the Performer of the Year award at the AVN Awards in 2009, and is the only nominee to win Male Performer of the Year four consecutive years in a row at the XBIZ Awards. Deen continues to revolutionize how the world views the adult entertainment industry as a whole with riveting feature films through his company, James Deen Productions. He also has a continuously growing mainstream acting career. Deen guest starred in Showtime’s 2015 dark comedy “Happyish”, as well as starring as the leading man opposite Lindsay Lohan in Bret Easton Ellis’s 2012 film “The Canyons”, directed by Paul Schrader. Deen has been profiled in the likes of GQ Magazine, Glamour, Arena Homme +, Vogue Italia, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and many other media outlets. With his ever-growing popularity, Deen has taken on new roles in mainstream, including producing, with various projects such as the 2013 film “Cowboys and Engines”, starring Richard Hatch featuring Malcolm McDowell. Deen continues to expand his empire and brand with projects such as his ever-popular blog and online store, while still writing, directing and acting in adult films for his company. When asked about his inspiration behind the content he makes, Deen said, “I actually make movies for me, based on what I want to see. I literally go in with zero regards to who my audience will be and hopefully there is something everyone can enjoy.” Even with his mainstream success, James Deen’s dreams have always remained focused on the adult industry.

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