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Myles Shaffer
Myles Shaffer

MWA: 05-28-2022 – Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. Here we go again, another column about only one feature entertainer! However, she is well worth the drive to go see her perform. So, please read on if you would like to learn the details.

Lisa Licious

The evening of May 6 involved a drive down to Expose Gentlemen’s Club, in San Diego, to say hello to Lisa Licious and to observe both of Lisa’s performances of the night.

For her first show of the evening, Lisa wore a long-sleeved dress with purple, red, and yellow stripes. The dress was open in the front. Beneath her dress, Lisa wore a matching bra with artificial fruits on the breast cups. Lisa next wore a light purple G-string. She also wore a green garter on her right leg up near her hip. Lisa’s footwear for this performance was a pair of black knee-length boots with somewhat high heels.

During this show, Lisa performed with a little Mexican hand puppet. Among the many things the puppet did was his shaking salt onto Lisa’s crotch area. Lisa ended the show with a game of cooter/hooter ball for some of her 8X10s of course.

During this show, Lisa danced to, “The Anthem,” by Pitbull featuring Lil Jon, “Tequila,” by The Champs, and, “Danza Kuduro,” by Lucenzo featuring Don Omar, “

For her second and final show of this booking (The booking was for two shows per night for two nights.), Lisa wore a black headdress with horns and a floor-length black cape. The cape also had three flames on the back between Lisa’s shoulders. Lisa also wore a pair of wings on her back. The wings were black on their backs and red on their fronts. Beneath her cape, Lisa wore a black bra that consisted of black straps around her neck and around her breasts. She next wore a black corset. The corset came complete with a long red tail with a black tip. Lisa also wore a black garter belt with straps that hung down her thighs and were attached to a pair of red and black leggings. Lisa next wore a white G-string. Lisa’s footwear appeared to be, or were possibly similar to, the boots that she had worn during her first performance of the evening.

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At one point in this performance, Lisa worked with a devil hand puppet with glowing red eyes. She once again finished the show with a game of cooter/hooter ball for some more of her 8X10s.

The music for this performance was, “Nightmare,” by Avenged Sevenfold, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia,” by The Charlie Daniels Band, “Scumbag,” by Heretic Klick featuring Ace McBilly, and, “Shots,” by LMFAO featuring Lil Jon.

Lisa has blonde hair and brown eyes. She is five feet eight inches tall and weighs one hundred forty-five pounds. As for her measurements, her breasts are 34D and her waist is 24 inches. Lisa has told me in the past that she really didn’t know what her hip measurement was, and unfortunately, I have never found that information any where on the Internet. Also, I’m not in the habit of carrying a tape measure around with me. So, I’ll just say that Lisa’s body looks great no matter what the size of her hips might be.

Lisa is intelligent, very friendly, and charming. She also truly enjoys meeting and speaking with her fans. All of that plus her performance talents are the reasons I highly recommend that anybody who might get an opportunity to see Lisa Licious perform and to meet her in person should take full advantage of said opportunity without fail.

Lisa can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and many other websites across the Internet, so happy hunting everybody!

Okay good people, that will just about do it for now. We should all return here the next time and continue the discussion of fun events and beautiful women.  Until then, everybody please take care, stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

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Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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