This was one the great films to come out prior to the beginning of 2020. It was nominated and won several awards in various categories and is still getting great write ups and praise today. Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck shutting down every facet of the industry. This meant not being able to get your adult DVDs at your local video stores for what would be a very lengthy time. So, with that in mind if you had not gotten the chance to get this brilliant film and still haven’t, now you can. Here is my original review and I urge you to pick up this absolute masterpiece of adult film making.

Drive – – Director – Kayden Kross – Cast – Angela White, Maitland Ward, Alina Lopez, Autumn Falls, Joanna Angel, Lena Paul, Emily Willis, Kira Noir, Aubrey Kate, Ivy LeBelle, Gabbie Carter, Brooklyn Gray, Manuel  Ferrara, Isiah Maxwell, Markus Dupree,  Mick Blue, Rob Piper, Small Hands, Dante Colle and more.

***** 5 stars

To begin with, this large cast reads like a “who’s who” of porn, but they all blend together in this very strong, powerful story. There are several key elements at work here that make this “must see” porn. There is Kayden Kross who continues to show her incredible talents in the director’s chair as she constantly raises the bar higher and higher. Her extraordinary way with projects that explore the human psyche in very dark, dramatic and edge of your seat ways, puts her in a class by herself. That directorial style is very evident as this film plays out. Another element is the performance by the film’s lead, Angela White. The incredible sex aside, Angela again showcases her deft acting skills not only with the dialogue, but in her expressions, moves and over all presence. Then there is Maitland Ward, former mainstream TV star, now making her name in adult. She is the demonic antagonist who literally takes over Angela’s being. Ms. Ward totally commands the screen every time she appears and has perfected this challenging and difficult role making it an award worthy turn. It is all these elements plus the exceptional casting that makes this film one that will be lauded and talked about for a very long time.

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Angela is a career woman who is devoid of passion and feeling, only her work counts with her. As she leaves the subway station and begins walking she is soon drawn to a Physic’s place and enters. It is here that she will meet her demon for the first time in the person of Maitland Ward.  She wastes little time taking control and Angela is scared to death of what is happening. She hears sirens and runs out to the street to see a suicide just happen and it frightens her. But that is only the beginning. As she tries to sleep later she has all these distorted figures, shapes, sounds and visions going through her mind.  She decides to take a late night walk and once again her demon is waiting for her on a dark side street. Here again Ms. Ward leaves her shattered and confused.  She leaves Angela and heads back to her physic place. Now she has Manuel Ferrara in her grasp as they watch a sensual dance from another girl, Ivy Lebelle. With her demonic look the physic attacks Ferrara in what will become a very wild scene that develops into a very rough, intense three way with Ferrara and the two women. I have say right here that Maitland Ward’s totally open sexuality along with an insatiable appetite is simple incredible to see. (Boy Meets World was never like this!)

Angela is at her desk and through time lapse photography we see her go through her entire day. She leaves and is back on the train and rushing to the physic’s place. But it is closed and she is beside herself. As she goes down the street she sees Manuel and the girl in an alleyway and something strikes her about it. Then once again, the physic seems to appear out of nowhere. Angela looks at her and says, “I tried to find you”, the physic says, “You shouldn’t have to look too far.” Angela is confused and asks, “Who are you, really?” and the physic grabs her arm and pulls her away. It is here the real transformation will begin with Angela. The looks and reactions tell the story as she is not really sure what is going on with her at this point, but she is in for one very rude awakening. As the demonic physic  takes over she is drawn into a world she never knew existed as her own sexual limits will get tested. As these changes begin to take place she meets with her psychiatrist (Frank Buckwydd) to find answers, but nothing seems to work as she falls deeper and deeper as her demon alter ego continues to take over.

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There is much more that takes place as this story continues to evolve and Angela’s character fall deeper and deeper under the demonic spell of Ms. Ward. It will keep your interest start to finish with all the twists and turns that take place, not to mention the absolute blow your mind sex scenes take place. We cannot say enough about this entire production. The settings and locales are excellent, the lighting and music are superior, the cinematography is spot on allowing for some fantastic visuals. The way the camera captures the looks and expressions of both women  is masterfully done.

The performances by Angela White and Maitland Ward are truly award worthy and should be well recognized at awards time. As we said earlier Kayden Kross has raised the bar once again.  She continues to show she is an extraordinary, accomplished director with a distinct style that is just simply eye catching and allows her cast to bring out every nuance of their characters in a very strong and natural way. The sexual scenes that take place in this film are creatively shot with a variety of angles and stark colorful visions. The scenes are all out, no holds barred, intense, dominating, hard edged and very explosive. This is a film that should garner plenty of award buzz in a number of categories. (And did it ever, and still does.)

If you want something very special and different, unique, hard edged, dramatic and breathtaking then I absolutely recommend “Drive” from You will NOT be disappointed in any way.

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Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor NightMoves Magazine and AAN