Presenting: Throwback Thursday – Hall of Fame Stars – Annette Haven

Annette Haven – Inducted 1986

A True Pioneer of the Golden Age

Annette Haven is another porn star who calls Las Vegas her birth home. She was born on December 1, 1954 to very conservative Mormon parents. After graduating from school with good grades, Annette took on several different jobs before the world of porn films came calling. She held jobs as a nurse’s aide, massage therapist and also took her turn as an exotic dancer. According to Ms. Haven, the reason she got into porn considering her religious background, was to prove sex was not sinful. She wanted to show that it could, and should be, pleasurable and enjoyable.

She left the regular job world behind and began doing some gigs as an exotic dancer in San Francisco. It didn’t take long before she became a full fledged stripper. With her natural body, full breasts, a butt that was just about perfect, very expressive and telling eyes she was a real dazzler on stage. Add to that Annette was truly enjoying herself and the reaction she received. Then a chance meeting with porn star Bonnie Holliday during one of her stage shows happened and that opened the door for her entry into adult hardcore films.

Right from the start when she made her debut in Alex De Renzy’s 1973 film “Lady Freaks”, Ms. Haven became a major fan favorite and that popularity is still very evident today almost 47 years later. After that auspicious debut, the extremely talented performer/actress would go on to make many memorable award worthy films in her career. They would include the 1976 classic “Autobiography of A Flea”. She also starred in films like “Femmes De Sade”, “Easy Alice”, “Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here” with John Holmes, “Honky Tonk Angels”, “Lust At First Bite” and “Barbara Broadcast” among them.

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During her career Ms. Haven did just over 100 films. She was very selective about the productions and cast members she’d work with. She was a class act with a discerning taste in men for her movies and very selective when it came to a film’s content. Ms. Haven was opposed to violence of any kind, facials or bondage. If a film had any of that included she would refuse those scenes. While some producers in the business have let a performer go because they wouldn’t do certain scenes that wasn’t the case with her. Ms. Haven’s star status and her total professionalism ruled. She was not only a tremendous all out sexual performer, but an extremely competent actress who could deliver dialogue with the best and was always the consummate professional on the set.

Ms. Haven retired from adult films in the late ‘80’s. After leaving adult she was able to get in some mainstream work that included the movie “10” with Dudley Moore and Bo Derek. She was even set to have a co starring role in the 1981 hit “The Howling” but turned it down because of her stand on violence. In 1984 Ms. Haven was also very heavily considered for the lead role in the Brian De Palma film “Body Double”. He was very taken with her acting skills and really wanted her for the film’s female lead. However, just as it is today, the big studios would never allow a porn star to have a lead role in a major mainstream movie. So rather than Ms. Haven possibly setting a precedent, the role went to Melanie Griffith, but Annette stayed on as a technical advisor to the film and coach to Ms. Griffith.

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Today, at 68, Ms. Haven has been totally divorced from the adult industry since the ‘80’s. She is a member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame. The last that was known about her was that she was happily married and living a good life in Marin County, California. Thankfully many of the great films of Ms. Havens are available today on DVD, so fans, both old and new, can enjoy one of early porn’s true stars. In addition there is also a website that fans can check out as well.

Annette Haven was definitely one of the most sought after and popular female stars of porn’s golden age and will always be remembered as a major part of the industry’s early growth and success. If you have never had the opportunity to see this very talented Hall of Famer then please check out a couple of the one’s mentioned in this piece and enjoy one of porn’s all time great stars.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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