Adult Time Pilots Jade Venus & Brittney Kade Blowing Her Neighbor's Mind

AdultTimePilots Jade Venus & Brittney Kade Blowing Her Neighbor’s Mind

New update from AdultTimePilots is Jade Venus & Brittney Kade in Blowing Her Neighbor’s Mind.

Adult Time Pilots
Blowing Her Neighbor’s Mind
Jade Venus, Brittney Kade

Brittney Kade is relaxing on the couch when she is surprised by the doorbell, and goes to answer it. Her visitor turns out to be her neighbor, Jade Venus. Jade hesitantly says that she’s not usually one to do this, but she heard a fight between Brittney and Brittney’s boyfriend last night, so she just wanted to check in if everything’s all right. After all, women should support each other – especially trans women, who have life hard enough as it is. Brittney is touched by Jade’s compassion, and says she’s okay… it was a messy breakup, but it needed to happen. Brittney then invites Jade inside to chat.

Brittney says she broke up with her boyfriend because there was just NO spark… not to mention it was his first trans relationship so he was not very savvy in bed, AND he was small-dicked to boot. Good riddance! Jade suggestively says that maybe what Brittney needs is someone who KNOWS their way around trans women’s bodies… and someone who DEFINITELY isn’t small-dicked, Jade adds with a flirty grin. Brittney is pleasantly surprised and intrigued, saying that sure sounds promising. Jade takes her cock out so Brittney can get a good look. Brittney’s eyes go wide, and she says she would love to know how such a nice cock would feel inside her right now. Jade is happy to oblige!

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Inspired by the Japanese adult entertainment trend, Ahegao Extreme Orgasms brings to life the idea of a woman’s mind getting SO filled with pleasure that she loses all composure! Enjoy the view as one half of the screen shows how Jade is fucking Brittney, while the other half shows Brittney’s eyes rolling back and mouth panting… then as Brittney returns the favor, you can check out Jade making some extreme faces of her own!

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