New Update HuCows Britney – pillory

Don’t forget about Britney! She’s been in the herd for a long time. One of the most reluctant HuCows, she doesn’t really like to be touched or handled. She was brought to the barn by her friend Roxy, who now seems to have disappeared. Some friend!
The farmer found a new milking position for her: the pillory! Let’s see if this works. It is a hard position for Britney, who is gagged and locked in a chastity belt. Her small udders need some work, but today it is time for nipple enhancement with the electronic breast training machine. The farmer turns it up to a very insane milking speed, and Britney wriggles, drools, and moans in the pillory. If only she would become a bit more docile… she probably just needs many more milking sessions!

Download Britney – pillory Here

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