Dorcel Club Chloe Duval & James Duval Chloé 4 you

DorcelClub Chloe Duval & James Duval Chloé 4 you

New update from DorcelClub is Chloe Duval & James Duval in Chloé 4 you.

Movie : Chloé 4 you
Director : Alis Locanta

Discover the first scene 4 You of the French Chloe Duval. The beautiful French girl who has only one dream: to become a model. Her best friend, James, a photographer, dreams of becoming famous. So they moved to the city together to realize their dream. James does his best to take beautiful pictures of Chloe and send them to modeling agencies. Chloe is starting to think about James in a different way, and now she wants more. Another photo shoot might be a good idea to make her fantasy come true…

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