Exploited College Girls Chloe My Boyfriend’s Not Going To Find Out. Sorry Babe LOL!

ExploitedCollegeGirls Chloe My Boyfriend’s Not Going To Find Out. Sorry Babe LOL!

New update from ExploitedCollegeGirls is Chloe in My Boyfriend’s Not Going To Find Out. Sorry Babe LOL!.

My Boyfriend’s Not Going To Find Out. Sorry Babe LOL!
Age: 18
Height: 5’3″
Measurements: 35B x 28 x 38
Favorite Position: Missionary, Riding
Likes: Money, Sex, Mall, Nails (In That Order)

Video Info:
Released: November 3, 2022
Runtime: 01:39:03 | 127 Photos
I’m not sure if it’s the conjunction or close approach of the Moon & Saturn that just happened a few days ago. Or maybe it’s the fact that this Tuesday Nov 8th is a total lunar eclipse but something’s causing the wave or rush of hot as fuck 18-year-old strippers to find their way onto the ExCoGi bed and whom do we thank? Well whatever celestial or heavenly body is to be thanked we’re giving this week’s exploit Chloe 5 erect penis’s out of 5 on the good old Swang-O meter for sure. Now I’ll admit that Chloe isn’t much for chit chatting and asked right out of the gate, “So do you want me to take off my clothes now?” while she introduced herself on the bed, and usually of course the answer to that question from any eager beaver hottie such as Chloe to a bunch of horny men is, ‘Yes Please.’ But we aren’t your typical gonzo cock & pussy porn site here at exploitedcollegegirls.com. Nope, we like to spend just a little time talking first so we get the real personality or flavor of this week’s pink taco before you spread your legs and show us that moneymaker girl. So that’s what we did, and call me full of it, but I like to fancy ourselves a little more classy. Say the Mercedes Benz or Porsche of smut peddlers because even though we are amateur, we are polished amateur and we regularly get the hottest young girls to do things on camera for the first time that they won’t even do to or for their boyfriends. I mean hey, no one else is going to pat me on my back because we consistently churn out quality product that is highly sought after and is thankfully quite poorly imitated by our cheap competitors. So Like the Title says. Sorry babe LOL, and sorry also to you girl because I think your boyfriend’s going to see this and all the firsts you did today, so lets start this run down in no particular order so not to give any weight to any one category. I mean, I’m sure said BF is going to hate all the things she did to, and let Tyler Nixon do to her, for the first time. So here we go. 1st Face-Fucking, ok and now Chloe wants to elaborate her thoughts in speech and asked how to suppress gagging? Well thankfully Tyler has the presence to know enough that once a stiff cock’s in a girl’s mouth the jabbering stops and tells her to shut up and “Gag on my cock, I don’t care.” I’ve always heard girls say they love it when a man takes charge and for those taking notes or those who ask later in the comments, yes you @JT, this electrifying highlight occurred at (41:40). Next it’s her first Rough Sex with Fish Hooking and I’ll say Tyler was a little more enthusiastic and passionate with this one because Chloe usually only has sex for like 10 minutes and she got the bonus treatment today happening at approximately (1:00:38) of this love affair. I really think her boyfriend’s going to hate how well Tyler fucked the shit out of his little high school sweetheart today but not as much as the next two categories I think. Up next is the biggest or most taboo category in my opinion a first timer can do who has a boyfriend, and I’ll apologize for her because it was her 1st EVER Rimjob (1:05:36) and this girl licked Tyler’s ass with gusto because said BF, according to her, won’t let her do it to him. All I can say is OH MY and if you don’t provide an outlet for your partner to explore their kinks and fetishes they’re going to lick another man’s ass. Just saying, and like a baby bird opening her mouth wide to receive her daily nourishment, up next is Chloe’s 1st EVER Facial and Cum Tasting (1:25:26) and I’ll ask. You going to rush home and kiss him with that mouth and tongue girl? Well ‘Judge Not Saith the Lord,’ so who am I to say anything and in closing you might ask yourself, ‘How does an 18 year old hottie who has a boyfriend sneak away for a few days to fuck and suck a strange man?’ Well untruths were said, you know the cornerstone of all strong relationships, because Chloe’s not concerned he’ll leave her. Nope! Call it love is blind, ignorance is bliss or “I’m just mean to him [Hahahahaha] He won’t leave me,” implying he’s a whussy boy. That’s part Whimp and part Pussy for those who don’t know, and you need a new girlfriend buddy. Just my observation. So cheers! Steve

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