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Exploited College Girls Venice Oh Look! The Virgin Mary

ExploitedCollegeGirls Venice Oh Look! The Virgin Mary

New update from ExploitedCollegeGirls is Venice in Oh Look! The Virgin Mary.

Oh Look! The Virgin Mary
Age: 20
Height: 5’2″
Measurements: 30B x 24 x 34
Favorite Position: Doggy
Likes: Writing, Nature / Plants, Animals, Anime, Long Drives
Runtime: 01:01:50 | 108 Photos

Well today’s update means we’re over the hump with super fresh and new Venice who’s here to take 2 cocks at once for the very first time because this is release number 4 of 6 for this future supernova, and if you want to see her debut anal casting? Well, it’s over at and of course she took it up the ass like all good submissive sluts do. It’s titled: “How We Fucked The Pizza Deliver Girl,” and yes, Cam delivered this pizza delivery girl some Painal for a creampie pussy filled good time and now she’s back on the ExCoGi bed to take on Tyler Nixon and Cam for her first ever threesome with 2 guys. If you saw or read her first scene’s write up here at ExCoGi then you know the remaining 2 of the 6 first’s for this lovely are her 1 st Girl/Girl experience on camera over at our new site with the sexy Megan Marx that launches soon. Ant there’s also her marathon anal pounding back here with Tyler Nixon that turned into her first Double Penetration (DP) EVER and I’m not sure if her boyfriend back home will approve of his little honey enjoying all the strange cock she’s been getting lately. Lets see, oh and over at she took her 1st Black Cock ever with Isiah Maxwell titled; ‘Look At The Smile On Your Face,” and she had that smile all day long before Isiah painted it with his man seed. Don’t you just love surprises? Well Venice surprised us all how much she enjoyed taking two cocks at once today and this Gonzo style scene jumped right into the Let’s-Get-You-Naked-Real-Quick mode so Cam could munch some muff and munch he did. He didn’t get to taste that pussy over at BRCC because that’s not what they do there, but as he licked that little clit bean of hers and got Venice primed and ready, Tyler took that opportunity to face fuck and deep throat our newbie at (7:22) and I think this girl likes to be degraded. She also has one of the most spectacularly beautiful pussies BTW and Cam flicked and rubbed that clit at (8:12) as she polished Tyler’s Johnson to some very intense pleasure. There’s a nice Pussy Gape at (10:12) because who wouldn’t want to just touch and spread this girl’s work of art before the guys switch it up and Tyler uses the pink double headed dildo on her and Cam sees how far his long stiff cock will go down her throat. Next it’s the big moment this girl’s dreamt about all her life as Cam penetrates her pink hole while Tyler checks her tonsils with his hard cock at (13:12) then almost immediately follows it with a superman Face Fucking while in missionary for an erect nippled, throat gagging appetizer before she’s spun around and used like a little fuck doll some more. The look on her face as Cam thrusts his long ass cock all the way down her throat at (16:02) while Tyler pumps her baby making factory is priceless, and her stomach flinches in and out as her gag reflex takes over and will make any red blooded guys cock hard. Hotness, but the Face Fucking appears to be a common theme today because next this little spinner got spun around and fucked in doggy and Tyler shows Venice what taking it on the chin really means as he forces her face and head down on his cock at (19:38) with what appears to be little regard for how she feels about it. Well, she feels great about it apparently because in between gasps for air she just sticks her tongue out, mouth wide open in that universal meaning of, Feed-Me-More-Of-Your-Cum and that’s exactly what our studs did. So be careful what you ask for Venice, you just might get it and get it she did for this entire position. Her facial expressions are priceless but what’s up next is my favorite thing to have done to me and that’s ass licking, doing a Jimmy, or as it’s more commonly called a Rimjob at (29:37) and yada, yada, yada. Venice likes to lick ass and then she rides Cam’s cock in Cowgirl while sucking Tyler off at (32:56). And with that subsequently very tight little pussy of hers that can milk a man dry, Cam almost lost it and shot his load early at (33:55) and we understand buddy. That pussy is beautiful and I kind of wish I was in there myself. But Steve it says Multiple Orgasms in the tags? Where are they? Well they happened in Reverse Cowgirl at (38:53) and then again in Full Nelson at (41:44) as the Magic Wand was held on her clit. You’re welcome honey. But the massive loads, and I do mean massive loads, were shot all over Venice’s face at (43:22) and she loved it. I loved it so much I had to show it in three different angles I was so impressed with the guys and she actually claiming post shoot debriefing that it was her favorite part of the entire scene. I’ll have to agree being a facial fan myself and this double facial is one of the hottest face paintings in recent memory. So once again everyone, A STAR IS BORN and releases 5 and 6 are cumming. So safe travels and until next weeks update, tootles. Steve

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