Exploited College Girls Veronica Anal – Tyler Tested, Boyfriend Not Approved

ExploitedCollegeGirls Veronica Anal – Tyler Tested, Boyfriend Not Approved

New update from ExploitedCollegeGirls is Veronica in Anal – Tyler Tested, Boyfriend Not Approved.

Anal – Tyler Tested, Boyfriend Not Approved
Age: 19
Height: 5’7″
Measurements: 32B x 24 x 36
Favorite Position: Cowgirl, Missionary
Likes: Cunnilingus, Photography, Modeling, Music, Cats, Sports
Runtime: 01:45:01 | 122 Photos

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and whether you’re preparing to sit back and enjoy a football game this holiday weekend or prepping your turkey or goose for roasting, our buddy Rick, the man, the myth, the legend over at BackroomCastingCouch.com said this teenage girl Veronica who he just did a casting with was too good of a pleaser to pass up and we have to get her on the ExCoGi bed and pronto. Well we love pleasers here at ExploitedCollegeGirls.com because pleasers – well they please, and Veronica pleased today by doing everything naughty we asked her to do. Love that, and this 19-year-old girl who in her own words stated she’s made a lot of mistakes when she was younger, and answered the question “So do you remember when you had your first orgasm?” with this answer. “Ummmm, not really. I was a bad little teenager and took a lot of drugs. I don’t remember a lot LOL.” Yea, we got a live one here with Veronica and today this girl turned out to be more fun than a 48-hour turn around, up all night weekend binger in Vegas with a celebrity chick magnet buddy who just happens to have an endless supply of un-cut coke. You partiers know what I’m talking about, and this girl confessed to being very open minded and open to new experiences. “I just like having sex,” is how she explained and described herself. Well, we’ll put that to the test today honey and any girl that says she likes her sex in between “rough and passionate” is right up our exploitation alley. So for all of you adoring fans that have been screaming we haven’t released an anal scene in like forever, June 23, 2022 to be exact. Well we hear your complaints and felt Veronica and all her holes were ripe for the exploring and I’ll state the obvious about this fit-as-fuck stunningly beautiful athlete. Veronica is fine, and she took Tyler Nixon’s cock up all her holes like all true pleasers do for one painal ass pounding of a good time that I’m not sure her consenting boyfriend is going to want to watch. What I am sure of though is how all of you are going to want to watch how this girl’s sphincter puckered in and out as her very first and very memorable Magical Wand experience danced all over her clit at (16:47), and hey said boyfriend? I think she likes it and I’m sure she went right out to buy one with the sex-for-money wad of cash she made today. This girl also appears to enjoy being choked, and like how a frustrated therapy patient would strangle a rag doll to release his pent up energy during a session, so does Tyler show our little newbie what sex between rough and passionate truly feels like at the hands, literally, of a professional (18:01, and subsequently throughout the rest of the scene). Now of course we build up the intensity as we go, but the look on her face at (26:02) as Tyler’s hands are wrapped around her neck as he tells her to put her head over the side of bed so he can face fucker her is just the appetizer to what’s going to happen during this show. Fuck if this girl doesn’t have a killer body and I sometimes have to remind myself this is someone’s daughter who’s butthole is puckering in and out while she’s gagging on a cock as it’s forced down her throat (26:47). Her nipples are also fully erect with excitement I might add while said throat fucking takes place, which makes this oh so much hotter in my opinion. You’ll also notice the tears of joy that start their appearances during said face fucking and hey Mikey? I think Veronica likes it. Well she likes it even more I think when Tyler puts a glass butt plug up her ass and then DP’s her w/ Toys (31:31) for the warm up to the biggest cock that’s ever been up that asshole which took place at (36:05). Other notable highlights worth mentioning I feel include: Ass to Pussy back to Ass (40:18 & again at 1:04:55, 1:12:23, 1:15:28, 1:24:53) before Veronica, tongue out and begging to taste her own asshole for one gaggingly good Ass to Mouth happened at (41:29). I also included instant replays of the ass to mouth from different angles because of course you can never have too much ATM, obviously. And for those truly sick fans of ours who repeatedly ask for authentic secretions from the ass? They make their debut at (44:56) and then more subsequent appearances at (47:09, 54:07, 1:01:07 & a few more times). Her first Rimjob is at (56:42) that she, reluctant / hesitantly did because she declared, “I don’t even do that for my boyfriend,” and this alone is worth the price of admission in my opinion. And for the rest of the video, Tyler of course fucks the living shit out of our lovely in countless more positions bringing her to 3 or 4 orgasm before the big oh so precious first time ever finale. Can you guess what it is? It’s that first ever event that all hopeful fathers wish their little princesses would capture on film, and yes it’s Veronica’s first ever – Anal Creampie (1:29:15). So in closing, Veronica said at the beginning that she only watches porn when she masturbates and that special treat only happens about twice a month she confesses because she likes her porn to have a little story and or be entertaining. Well we hope this video is both of those, and pay attention to the instant replay w/ slow-mo when the butt-plug is shot out of that tight little asshole of hers and it almost hits Rocky (54:21). Quite entertaining I’ll say, and I’m going to make a prediction right now that this video is going to be an instant Anal Holiday Classic here at ExCoGi. So I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble. Steve

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