Presenting: For OnlyFans Star Yasmin Baker, Financial Freedom is Key to Long-Term Success

(Los Angeles, CA / April 7, 2022) — British model, influencer and mogul-in-the-making Yasmin Baker is offering tips to rising OnlyFans content creators looking to cement a solid financial future.

“Like many people, I had heard stories of OnlyFans creators making tons of money, so I joined in July 2019 with the goal of paying off my enormous mountain of debt left in the wake of an ex,” said Baker. “How hard could it be to make easy money throwing up some photos and videos?”

Nearly three years later she is one of the platform’s top earners, and her debt is completely paid off, but some tough lessons have been learned along the way. “The first thing I learned was that the ‘easy money’ takes months of hard work, promotion, and you have to stick with it and dedicate yourself to delivering both quality and quantity if you want to build a solid fan base.”

Once the money starts rolling in, Baker says that it is impossible not to want to spend money on cars, clothes and the finer things in life. “Resist that urge to splurge and start investing your money in ways that opens up other streams of income, like real estate. Do you see yourself doing OnlyFans in ten years? Maybe not, but you can keep that OnlyFans money working for you in ten years’ time.”

She also advises creators to save every penny in the beginning of their careers “because OnlyFans can flip the switch tomorrow and your income can disappear on a dime. You can go days without earning cash, so you’d better have something tucked away in case you need it. Money offers freedom and security, so the more you hold on to it, the more free and secure you’re going to be.”

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Baker adds that prioritizing what’s important is key. “Money canactually buy happiness if you take stock in what means the most to you. For me, it’s my family, my dog, dog rescue organizations, starting a whole new life in Panama and investing in my financial future for personal security. So keep working towards your goals every day, embrace what makes you truly happy and be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.” 

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British beauty Yasmin Baker is one of OnlyFans’ fastest-rising stars, thanks to her all-natural, girl-next-door appeal and friendly engagement with fans. Since launching her career in 2019 after seeing other models posting their earnings on social media, Baker has made it her mission to thrive as a top content creator with a focus on helping others succeed as well.  

With a move from the UK to the Central American country of Panama, Baker is excited to start a new chapter in her life while continuing to create original content for her rapidly-expanding fan base. She is committed to helping dog rescue organizations and looks forward to possibly starting her own shelter and rescue group one day.  

With a new home and her beloved dog Jax, a German Shepherd/Husky mix, by her side, Baker is raring and ready for a bright future on the sandy beaches of Panama. “To me happiness is waking up and looking forward to the day instead of dreading going to work like I used to,” she recently told Naluda Magazine. “Being happy, I feel, makes me a better person to be around and makes life that little bit easier.”

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