9 Nights – Dorcel – Director – Alis Locanto – Cast – Josephine Jackson, Clara Mia, Bella Tina, Carollina Cherry, Tommy Cabrio, John Stwo

****1/2 Stars

Once again, we have another stellar production from the Dorcel team. As you can expect, the women are extremely attractive, sensual, sexual and exquisite. The settings and locales are lush, exotic, erotic and eye catching. The story line is very well devised and played out and the sexual scenes are packed with powerful, passionate and all encompassing orgasmic delight. It is the perfect view for couples on a rainy night, or any night for that matter as you watch all that transpires mover 9 Nights in the life of the central character of this film, Bella Tina.

It opens with Bella in the midst of the city seemingly lost when a helpful male, John Stwo, is eager to help her find her way around. The views of the exotic surroundings of the city add to the opening as we find Bella seemingly on her way. Then after a few days pass Bella is jogging with her friend Clara Mia on the roadside when a fancy sports car beeps it’s horn as it passes then stops as the two girls jog up to the car. Who is it but John, the guy Bella had met when she was lost in the city. Unknowing to Bella her life is about to begin a big change. John brings her to this magnificent villa overlooking the road below and the distant city with an incredible view. It is here that he begins to put his moves on her, but she slows him down, for the moment as they kiss and caress. Once they are inside the kissing an d caressing get more involved as Bella begins to feel a connection happening with them. Before she knows it, they are in a full sexual mode as she shows off her varied talents and he gives her more than she was expecting, but this is only the beginning. Bella has no idea how her life is about to be changed over the next nine nights, and maybe forever.

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Bella arrives home and a projector is playing a lesbian scene on the wall and there is also a gift from John waiting for her. As the scene continues to play and Bella takes peeks at it, she opens the gift to find a watch. There are also instructions and among them are Bella will, at the exact time every night, masturbate while thinking about him and what they shared. She is so caught up in this new mystery that she sits down to watch the images projected on the screen and begins to masturbate. The lighting and images of Bella throughout this scene are both erotic and captivating. Then the scene moves from the projected images to the real action of Carollina Cherry and Jospehine Jackson and these two really put on quite a show. John has more for Bella and invites her back to the villa only this time he has also extended and invite to her best friend Clara Mia. This is where the real fun begins in this nine night saga of debauchery and sexual pleasure. There is so much more that I could give you and tell you, but less is more. So, you will have to just get hold of this Dorcel gem.

In closing let me say that director Alis Locantro definitely knows how to pace, shade and bring out the very best in her style. The women are incredible and Bella Tina is one MILF I want to see much more of the way she carries this production is breathtaking. The cinematography throughout, not only of the sex with some superlative closeups, but of the surroundings, the city, the backgrounds all add to the aura of this film. The only flaw I found with this one was that the narratives were way too softly spoken and hard to understand. Still, this is a magnificent release. It is designed for couples who love mystery, change, romance and sexual eroticism. Dorcel just continues rise above and beyond with each new production and with the stable of stars he can go to, and the directors he has at his call and the locales he has available, how could he not be among the very best. I absolutely recommend get hold of “9 Nights” from Dorcel.

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Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN


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