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Grinders – Adult Time – Director – Ricky Greenwood – Cast – Maya Woulfe, Vicki Chase, Charlotte Sins, Vanna Bardot, Lilly Bell, Liv Revamped, Lucky Fate, Tommy Pistol, Robby Echo, Nathan Bronson, Tyrone Love.

***** 5 stars

Ricky Greenwood is one of the most diverse and talented directors in adult films. He is a true artist whose pallet paints incredible pictures of his creations. In addition to his directing, his skills as a writer and story teller add even more to his very dazzling portfolio. Whether it’s a sex drama, comedy, girl/girl, trans, gay or whatever genre he is working with his imprint is felt from start to finish. It is no wonder that Ricky continues to pile up award after award, and this film is in line for more. In “Grinders” he takes us back to the 90’s and the skateboarding phenomenon that gripped the country. He feeds us the story line in almost a pure documentary style and weaves in some blistering sexual scenes that smolder with just what that time period was like on a skateboard or in a bed.

Have you ever known someone who either has a hard time, or refuses to grow up and move on with their life? That pretty much sums up the makeup of  our lead character in this coming of age reveal. Right from the open as we see Lucky Fate cruising about on his skateboard, music pumping away in the background, you know there is a lot of action to come in a variety of ways. One is his girlfriend Maya Woulfe, but that will take a while to develop. Then there is the ongoing feud he has with his father incredibly played by Tommy Pistol, one of adult’s most versatile and talented actors. Adding to the dynamics of this family is Vicki Chase as the mother in a solid role that offers up a lot more than just her passionate sexuality.

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Throughout the film Lucky goes through a lot of rough patches both with friends, as well as family, but he is driven to succeed and also mature in the process. Along the way we get to enjoy others in this film in a variety of scenes both sexual and none sexual. There is a wild pool party scene that shows off Charlotte Sins to great advantage. There is Lucky’s buddy and resident hot shot Nathan Bronson having a great time with the likes of Vanna Bardot and Lilly Bell. We should all be so fortunate; this is a wow! scene. Then finally we get to see Lucky come full circle and have his time with Maya in one hell of a scene that exemplifies the long search Lucky has been on as he grows up and matures. While the sex scenes are sizzling hot, the crux of this film is the story of Lucky and how he maneuvers himself through all the changes that come his way.

The shaded docu style that Greenwood uses along with the punkish style music are the perfect fit for this film. The settings are blunt and raw, the lighting and effects take you right inside this wild world that Lucky is buried in and has your heart racing along with him as he winds his way through this maze of life. The casting is spot on with Lucky Fate the perfect, and only choice for this role. Tommy Pistol once again proves his artistry as  an actor, Maya Woulfe plays his girlfriend with the perfect timidness that hides her real feelings, Vicki Chase once again scores big as the wife and mother and the rest of the cast fit just like a glove to bring the stark reality of this lifestyle into this epic production.

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The AVN nominations were just announced and “Grinders” is up for a number of awards in a variety of categories, which is no surprise at all. The question is, just how many will this latest Ricky Greenwood gem walk away with? Whether you are into skateboarding, punk music, that 90’s lifestyle or not, this is a film you do not want to miss getting and enjoying. So do not pass it up.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN



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