Girls Way Casey Calvert & Lena Anderson Tailoring To Her Needs

GirlsWay Casey Calvert & Lena Anderson Tailoring To Her Needs

New update from GirlsWay is Casey Calvert & Lena Anderson in Tailoring To Her Needs.

Tailoring To Her Needs
Casey Calvert, Lena Anderson

Lena Anderson and her parent, Jennifer White, arrive at the home of Jennifer’s friend, Casey Calvert. Casey is a tailor, so Jennifer has asked her to alter Lena’s prom dress. However, Lena doesn’t seem excited to be there, although she agrees to go to Casey’s bedroom to change into the prom dress. Once Lena is wearing the dress, Casey begins taking measurements and asking what kind of alterations she’d like. Jennifer quickly becomes overbearing, not letting Lena make any decisions on her own. Casey notices Lena becoming upset, and comes up with an excuse to send Jennifer to another room.

Now alone with Lena, Casey is comforting and encourages Lena to open up about what she wants. It’s revealed that Lena feels pressured by Jennifer to attend the prom. Jennifer has even set her up with a boy, who Lena doesn’t want to go with. Casey gives Lena support, admitting that she never went to prom. Casey couldn’t bring who she wanted to, so she never bothered. Lena is more curious about Casey now.

Feeling more comfortable around Casey, Lena admits to being a lesbian. Casey, wanting to be supportive, admits to being a lesbian as well. In fact, it was because Casey couldn’t take her girlfriend to prom that she skipped hers. Lena is filled with admiration for Casey, showing hints of attraction. Casey admits to not being in a relationship right now, so Lena becomes bold and tries to kiss her, which catches Casey off guard. Lena insists she’s just going for what she wants, for once. Casey is flattered but hesitant to make a move. However, Lena becomes more confident and finally wins her over, and they begin to have sex… but they’ll have to be careful not to make too much noise if they want to avoid getting caught by Jennifer!

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