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It can go very fast, as Kiki found out. From the UK, she wrote an email to this website, saying she would do anything to be a HuCow! Next thing she knew, she was on a train to the Netherlands, arrived at the farm, where she found herself naked, on her knees, wearing a collar and restraints on her wrists and ankles. Nervously, Kiki waited for the farmer to come in. He wasted no time inspecting her udders. Nice and soft udders with very stretchy nipples! Kiki was immediately locked to the milking frame, and a high powered magic wand was installed on her clit. The excitement was already too much for Kiki: she orgasmed hard! And the milking had not even started yet. Some oil on her teats, and the goat milker was switched on. Kiki orgasmed hard again! The farmer gagged her and played with her, causing more orgasms, and Kiki’s brain just went into HuCow mode. She was home. This is what she wanted, forever, from now on!
(Actual true story, want to experience the same as Kiki? Just

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