MWA: 05-06-2022 – Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This article will cover two weekends with one feature entertainer per weekend. The first feature is a good, entertaining, performer. So, hopefully everybody is now curious enough to read on and learn just what it is that makes that lady so unique.

But first, I want to announce that I have received an e-mail from Exotic Dancer Publications stating that the 2022 Exotic Dancer Gentlemen’s Club Expo has been moved from Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino to Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. It is still going to be happening in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the same dates (August 14 through 17) and the room rate for attendees will still be $69.00 a day.

Ella Hotwheels

Saturday night, April 9, it was a drive down to Expose Gentlemen’s Club, in San Diego, to spend some time with the incredible Ella Hotwheels and to observe all three of her shows on this final night of her current booking.

For her first show of the evening, Ella wore a light pink headband adorned with rhinestones or maybe sequins or maybe both. (I really couldn’t tell.) She next wore a light pink hybrid between a jacket and a cape. Ella next wore pink armbands on her upper arms. The next item in her costume was a pink bra. With the bra, she wore a blue corset that was decorated with silver glitter. There were also two pieces of pink material that hung from the bottom of the corset. Ella additionally wore a pink waistband. She also wore a medium blue waistband with an inverted triangular piece in the front. Next up was a lighter pink material that was like a long skirt that was open in the front. Beneath the skirt item, Ella wore a pair of dark blue thong panties. And her footwear was a pair of clear shoes with silver stiletto heels and silver platform soles.

Ella ended this performance with a lotion show.

During this show, Ella performed to, “Heart Afire,” by Defqwop featuring Strix, “Palm Reader,” by Dreamers, Big Boi, and featuring Upsahl, “Myboi (Troyboi Remix),” by Billie Eilish, “Blood In The Cut (Aire Atlantica Remix),” by K.Flay & Aire Atlantica, and, “Elastic Heart,” by Sia.

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At the start of her second show this evening, Ella wore a blue denim vest with a good number of different color LED lights and white trim. With the vest, Ella wore a skimpy pair of blue denim shorts. The shorts had a good-sized piece of white lace hanging down the back of Ella’s legs. However, the lace didn’t do any damage to the lovely view! Under her vest, Ella wore a short-sleeved White midriff top. Beneath her top and shorts, Ella wore a red bra and a red G-string. Both the bra and the G-string were decorated with what appeared to be small rhinestones. Ella’s footwear was a pair of red roller skates with white laces and white wheels. The wheels were imbedded with little white LED lights.

During this performance, Ella did some reasonably good interaction with some of the tip rail squatters.

Ella performed this show to, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” by Jet, “Baby,” by Royal Republic, “My Little Rnr,” by Danko Jones, and, “I Only Lie When I Love You,” by Royal Blood.

During her final performance of this booking, Ella wore a wide brimmed light brown hat and a pair of elbow-length white gloves. She also wore a short-sleeved green midriff top with forestry patches. With her top, Ella wore a pair of skimpy, somewhat high-waisted, black shorts. Beneath her top and her shorts, Ella wore a green bra and a pair of G-string-like Thong panties. Both the bra and the panties appeared to be decorated with small rhinestones. Ella’s footwear for this show was a pair of high-topped tan shoes that laced up their fronts. The shoes had black stiletto heels, and black platform soles.

To end this performance, Ella went around squirting whipped cream and placing a cherry into the mouths of almost everybody that was seated at the tip rail.

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During this final performance of her current booking, Ella danced to, “Trouble’s Coming,” by Royal Blood, “Super Villain,” by Stileto & Silent Child featuring Kendyle Paige, “The Hunter,” by Adam Jensen, and, “Horns,” by Bryce Fox.

The lovely Ella has red hair and green eyes. She is five feet two inches tall and weighs one hundred ten pounds. Since I do not have Ella’s measurements written down in my notebook, I may have neglected to ask her what they were, or maybe she didn’t really know exactly what they were. I do not remember one way or the other, and I can find nothing on the Internet. I can say that Ella has a very nice-looking figure!

Ella Hotwheels is a very pretty woman. She is intelligent and has a good sense of humor. Ella is also a lot of fun to speak with. And, it is my belief that she truly enjoys meeting and speaking with her fans!

If any of the readers were to get an opportunity to go to a club to see Ella Hotwheels perform and to meet her in person, I strongly suggest that they take full advantage of said opportunity. I do not believe anybody could ever be disappointed by the experience.

Ella can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Just in case anybody might be interested in purchasing some Ella Hotwheels merchandise, they can go to or (Both urls will take you to the Babes On Things website.

Havana Bleu

Saturday night, April 16, involved a drive down to Expose Gentlemen’s Club, in San Diego to finally meet Havana Bleu.

For her first time on stage during this night, Ms. bleu wore an almost floor-length sheer white cape. The cape had a lot of small, various colored, LED lights attached to it. Around her throat, she wore a pretty white choker. She also wore an item that consisted of several interlocking silver chains around her waist. The chains appeared to be encrusted with tiny rhinestones. Next, she wore a red lace bikini bra and a pair of matching thong panties. For footwear, she wore a pair of mid-thigh-length white boots with stiletto heels.

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MS. Bleu did her time on the stage to, “I Like It (Laux Remix), by Cardi B. & Bad Bunny & J Balvin, “La Mama de la Mama,” by El Alfa, CJ & Chael Produciendo featuring El Cherry Scom, and, “Dior,” by Pop Smoke.

From what I was able to observe, Ms. Bleu’s interaction with the customers during this show was limited to allowing three or four maybe as many as five tip rail patrons to place money in her thong.

Per what I have seen on the Internet, Ms. Bleu has brown hair and brown eyes. She is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty-one pounds, and her measurements are 32C-25-36. Based upon what I saw on this night, I would say that this information is accurate.

After the show, Ms. Bleu came out to do a meet and greet. I went over and spoke with her for maybe four or five minutes. I then went out to the smoking patio to say goodnight to Dino (the owner of the club) and to explain to him why I was heading home after only one show.

And that is all I will say about this event folks.

Okay people, that will just about do it for now. Let us all meet back here the next time and continue to discuss beautiful women and fun events. Until then, everybody please take care, stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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