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Myra & Sylvie

With Myra returning, two of our supercute teen FTV favorites get to come back and experience each other! Both with beautiful, pink pussies and sexy figures, we get to explore them together as they touch and taste each others’ privates. We first see them at a pretty resort, wearing cute summer dresses and heels, teasing each other, showing off their butts, and then kissing and tasting each other right there! Once back home, they suck on each other’s nipples, then go to the big white shower for some oral. Sylvie starts by going down on Myra, licking her clit, and we get closeups of the action, then fingering her and working four fingers in, stretching her out for what is to come later… Then Myra masturbates with the Magic Wand and has a nice strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Then Sylvie uses the same vibrator, gets dildo fucked by Myra and ends up having a very strong squirting orgasm, squirting all over Myra! They do a sensual shower together, lathering their bodies and massaging their butts, soaping between their legs. They then start fingering each others’ butts, and going one in the butt and one in the vagina, also licking each other’s buttholes. Then they get naughty together at a restaurant making out, and touching each other under the table… Things then get really hot and kinky when Myra goes down on Sylvie, enjoying her long labia and milky wet pussy… then starts working her fingers in, then eventually her whole fist! Sylvie gets fisted deep, experiencing her first extreme session! Then its Sylvie’s turn to return the favor, starting with some labia kissing and oral, then working her fingers (and larger hand) into Myra, until she’s full, deep fisted as well! It really does push both girls’ limits (especially Myra) getting filled out like that! Enjoy this supercute girl-girl experience, and those erotic views of all the kinky things they do…


Myra & Sylvie


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