Virtual Taboo Chloe Heart Follow Your Heart

VirtualTaboo Chloe Heart Follow Your Heart

New update from VirtualTaboo is Chloe Heart in Follow Your Heart.

Follow Your Heart
Starring: Chloe Heart

You wake up early one morning to the smell of breakfast cooking in your apartment. Assuming your roommate and his girlfriend are up cooking, you go out to say good morning. Instead of the happy couple eating, you find only your roommate’s girlfriend Chloe Heart dressed in a skimpy outfit with a smile on her face. You ask where her boyfriend is and she tells you that he left early for the gym. The food she made is for you and so is everything else that you see. Chloe explains that she has always had a crush on you. Even though she knows you will resist since she is dating your roommate, she wants you to watch her play to see if she might change your mind. You know that you should probably tell her now and lock yourself in your bedroom with some VR Porn, but it is hard to say to freshly baked pastries and her amazing ass. Now that she has your attention, she starts wiggling and teasing until she can see your cock getting hard in your pants. You can see more, but you’re going to have to take it out and show her how much you like looking at her. This seems fair and she smiled when she sees your dick throbbing. As promised, she slips off the top to show off her perky tits. You have always liked looking at Chloe, but this is more than you could have dreamed. Encouraging you to keep stroking, she pulls her panties aside and rubs her pussy while telling you that she has seen you looking at her and that she fantasizes about fucking you. You confess to the same taboo VR fantasies and that pushes you both over for a simultaneous climax.

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